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Are you looking for ceramic jugs for sale NZ? Why think of to buy pottery wine jug NZ when you can make it on your own at home! Yes, the plain ceramic pots and jugs can easily be designed with your own imagination and art at home only. Priory, the ceramic pots or jugs were available either in plain or in geometric designs. While today, there are several catchy or say pleasing designs which may confuse. An individual at home using basic designing tools can also easily craft the designs.

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Here are few popular designs of ceramic pottery you can choose from contrasting with your home interiors.

    An ancient way to design or decorate the pottery water jug NZ is by using the paintbrushes. Depending on the brush head breadth and the hairs, one can easily paint out a suitable design. The floral designs and the wheat sheaves are the commonly found designs using the paintbrushes.

Have you heard, combing also gives lovely designs to the pots! Yes, it’s true. With the help of dry grass, feather of the birds, sticks, forks, etc. you can carve fascinating designs on the ceramic pots with a natural look.

    Why buy flower jug NZ with the famous Hakeme designs when you can make it easily! It is true that by using straw brushes, you can make out the famous Japanese design on the pots. Just take some white slip and using the straw brush apply it on the pots. Make sure you leave the brush strokes visible leaving designing marks.

    Loved stamping craft in the childhood! You can also make designs onØ the ceramic pots with the same method. Just embed the motif on the leather dry pot impressing properly and you are done with the designing part.

So, try any of the designing tips for a cost-effective way of decorating your house with antiques.

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